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About Yayuanshi PVC Ceiling Department

Haining Yayuanshi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., manufacturing PVC ceiling and wall panels for 15 Years. is a professional manufacturer of PVC ceiling and wall panels. We have a total annual capacity of over 12 million square meters. The PVC ceiling panels we produced are environmental friendly, easy to installed, elegant and durable. Yayuanshi has developed into a modern company, vertically integrating products design, die design, raw material processing, PVC recycling, manufacturing and sales.

Now we have 25 plastic extrusion lines working in 4 factories, 24 hours per day.The main products include PVC ceiling, PVC wall panel, PVC profile, PVC marble sheet, PVC marble moulding, with the surface treatment of printing, high glossy, glossy or matt UV coating, laminating and hot transfer printing, tranfer printing.

Yayuanshi's high-quality pvc ceiling and wall panel is the ideal solution for rooms that need to be cleaned frequently, have high humidity level such as in process facilities, or to cover up eyesores like duct work, pipes, and wiring, while still maintaining the necessary access to them. Our non-porous, smooth, glossy, bright white PVC panels can be used to replace existing acoustic panels - they are reversible, easy-to-clean, and never need painting. Additionally, the installation of a drop ceiling in an existing high-ceilinged facility can help lower energy costs by reducing the area to be heated or cooled.

The company manufactures the plastic wall panels, pvc wall and ceiling panels, plastic doors and plastic concrete forms to the customer’s building plans. The company also manufactures sanitary wall and ceiling panels for clean rooms and laboratories for industry and government. The Yayuanshi PVC ceiling wall panels are made with a tongue and groove design with a hidden nailing fin so there are no exposed fasteners. The PVC wall panels are trimmed with a PVC J-trim, Inside and Outside corner, Floor cove and H-bar. The PVC panels and doors are waterproof and will not rot, rust, fade, peel, flake, corrode or delaminate. Yayuanshi also offers suspended ceiling panels and grid systems for commercial swimming pool rooms and food process rooms where sanitation is critical. These PVC ceiling tiles are reversible, strong and will not absorb water and are impervious to pool chemicals and most cleaners. Yayuanshi's pvc wall panels and ceiling panels are Class A rated under ASTM-E-84, for smoke and fire. Yayuanshi is ISO 9001-2008 QMS compliant. All Yayuanshi vinyl wall panels and ceiling panels are warranty for 10 years. Orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks.



About PVC Ceiling and Wall panel

What is PVC?
Polyvinyl chloride (commonly abbreviated PVC) is a widely-used plastic. Globally, over 50% of all PVC manufactured is used in construction. As a building material, PVC is budget-friendly and easy to assemble. In recent years, PVC has been replacing traditional building materials such as wood, stone, concrete and clay in many areas.

What is PVC cladding?
PVC cladding was developed in Europe in the 1970s as a decorative interior wall finish with unique properties compared to other wall coverings at the time. PVC cladding or paneling is a hollow cored, lightweight panel with a smooth surface for decoration and a tongue-in-groove edge for easy assembly.

PVC wall panels are a new product to me or my country, so how can we I confident that there are no problems with it?
PVC wall cladding has first been used in Belgium, Holland and France for over 20 years. Since then, it has been gaining popularity in more and more countries. Surely, this simple fact shows that our products have proven their reliability over the years. Many of our products have the necessary building certificate .

What sizes does the cladding come in? What designs?
PVC panel is available mainly in popular widths of 20cm, 25cm and 30cm. We also produce in widths of 10cm, 18cm, 24cm, 40cm, 50cm, 59.5cm, 60cm. The most common length is 2.9m, 3.9m, 5.95m. Panel styles range from 'seamless' monopanels to V-groove panels (v-shaped joint). Many design patterns are possible including genuine wood grain patterns, marble and stone effects, and alternative fantasy designs.

Do PVC panels have any insulating value?
Yes, panels have an insulating value of R 2.25 (0,16 watt/mok), which is comparable to the insulating value of a normal house brick.

What is the maximum temperature for PVC panels?
Our panels can withstand a maximum continuous temperature of 65 degree C. In this way, PVC panels can be used as a shower wall panel, but they cannot be used in saunas. Ceiling lights can be built in.



Features of PVC Ceiling Panel

Lightweight, durable
Low maintenance, easy to clean
Water and Corrosion-proof
Easy assembly, stock part sizes
Rigid double-walled panels
Bright white, hard surfaces
High-grade, color-fast material
Snap-together installation
Easy assembly with standard tools
Available with panel hold-down clips
Low profile, high-gloss surface
Reversible ceiling panel

Application of PVC Ceiling and Wall panel

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for bathroom

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for corrosion resistance

application in coastal area

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for commercial

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for living room

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for kitchen

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for dinning room

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for traditional porch

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for municipal building

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for gas station

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for shopping mall

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for hospital

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for restaurant

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for stadium

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for car washing

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for milk farm

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for food processing room

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for office

PVC Ceiling and Wall panel for factory


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Test Report
PVC Sheet Physical Test PVC Sheet Fire-proof Report Intertek Evaluation Report for PVC Ceiling SONCAP SGS Test Report for PVC ceiling Quality Test Report


Common Q & A for PVC Ceiling.

1. Why Are PVC Tiles So Thin?

The real question should be, "Why are mineral fiber tiles so thick?" Hint: It's because they can't make

them any other way.You care about how good your ceiling looks, not how thick or bulky it is.

2. But They're Plastic!

Yup, they sure are, and here is what that means for you:
PVC Ceiling tiles that are easier to trim, don't create dust, and won't harbor mildew.
PVC Ceiling panels that won't abosrb moisture and stain, and won't crack when you move them.
PVC Ceiling tiles that are easy to clean, easy to maintain.
PVC Ceiling tiles that use 75% less raw material to manufacture and are 5 times more efficient to ship.
PVC Ceiling panels that are fully recyclable.








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